Cabel Energy Activity
Cabel Energy is specialized in production of electrical and automation panels, in electrical, photovoltaic and CHP plants for the industrial and medium-large services areas, where it boasts more than ten year experience and an always up to date know-how....» leggi tutto
Medium Voltage Panels
Cabel Energy supplies and installs MV panels and MV substations for primary and secondary distribution up to 27KV....» leggi tutto
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Electrical Switchboards
Cabel Energy is highly specialized in designing, manufacturing, installation and servicing of industrial electrical panels, for which boasts many years of experience. Medium and Low voltage panels, power center and distribution panels, special and automation panels, fix and withdrawable motor center control, substations, photovoltaic systems. All engineering stages of the production process, construction, testing and documentation follow a well-defined and programmed line, constantly monitored in order to ensure an excellent final result of the highest quality. The design and construction standards of all types of panels are constantly shared and improved in order to be always updated to the changing needs and market trends. All products are designed and manufactured with high quality standards and full compliance with EN, UL, NEMA, GOST regulations of the countries of destination. Cabel Energy uses the best software applications for the design of its productions with the utmost adherence to specific customer requirements about the particular characteristics desired by them. Each production is accompanied by the as-built technical documentation, by use and maintenance manuals, by test reports and by the Certificate of Conformity (CE).
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