Medium Voltage Panels
Cabel Energy supplies and installs MV panels and MV substations for primary and secondary distribution up to 27KV....» leggi tutto
Electrical Switchboards
Cabel Energy is highly specialized in designing, manufacturing, installation and servicing of industrial electrical panels, for which boasts many years of experience....» leggi tutto
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Cabel Energy - design, manufacture and sale of electrical switchboards and plant
Cabel Energy is specialized in design, manufacture and sale of electrical Low Voltage and Medium Voltage switchboards, distribution and energy control boards, transformer substations, automation of process, plants and machines, and also in industrial electrical plants and photovoltaic plants.
The company uses high quality standards, an efficient organizational system, following always update, research and regular training in order to ensure the best technical solutions, the most advantageous conditions of supply and the most attentive customer service
FV Monitor Cabel View
Cabel Energy has developed a proprietary supervision system called Cabel-View for monitoring photovoltaic plants. It can be Interfaced to any type of inverter o other monitorable device, the information on the plant is remotely accessible and viewable at any time
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